The next global Blockchain hub

The next Global
Blockchain hub

Regardless of what industry you’re in, blockchain has the potential to significantly impact your business. Are you ready for the revolution? Join us at Vietnam Blockchain Week this March in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the next Global Blockchain Hub!

Blockchain solutions


A range of information sessions are offered to best meet the specific needs of developers, and entrepreneurs. Blockchain won’t just transform fintech, but also insurance, supply chains, and e-commerce. Over 30 top experts will be here to discuss a wide range of case studies.

Tie Night

Tie Night

Want to learn how blockchain is set to transform your industry? Vietnam Blockchain Week is the right place to meet and network with industry thought leaders, blockchain startups, investors, founders, C-level executives, and developers.

Blockchain sensations


Do you want to be the first to learn about the most important updates in the industry? Will blockchain be a game-changer? How could blockchain upend the world of finance? If you’re looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place.




March 7, 2018  09:15 AM

Where blockchain changes the finance paradigm

Blockchain - the next BIG thing after the Internet! From internal transfers, customer account management to personal identity security, all aspects of the finance community are waking up to the wonders of blockchain. Inevitably 66% of major banks in the world will deploy blockchain in the next 4 years. Find out how blockchain can smash finance paradigm and open up innovative financial systems and models in the future.

Introduced by Alex Medana, top Hongkong Fintech influencer, Board Member of Hongkong Fintech Association with 17 years of experiences in various Tier 1 banks and financial institutions in Asia and Europe.

  11:00 AM

Blockchain startups - the good, the bad and the ugly

Startup means so much more than just the label of an institution, a spirit or a movement. It equals sweat, tears, innovation and also victories - all in one. Some fall victim to the same mistakes and errors while others follow different paths to success. Blockchain startups are no different - we have good, bad and ugly startups and each story represents unique learnings and takeaways. Please enjoy this helicopter view of blockchain startups landscape with us.

Join the world's top 10 crypto-exchanges Kraken, prominent blockchain startups Maecenas and DECENT together with pretigious ecosystem builders SGInnovatve and Hongkong Fintech Association to explore the story behind.

  16:00 PM

Insights into the disruptive powers of Blockchain and Regtech

Blockchain offers traceable, transparent and verifiable data records which are of immense importance to maintain the integrity and efficiency of supervisory bodies such as auditors or regulators. Regulation technologies have the power to vastly improve how institutions monitor information and financial exchanges. The blockchain is a key component of making oversight and compliance more secure and effective.

Let's dicuss the convergence of blockchain and RegTech with our experts from diverse law firms, startups and organizations of World Bank, UK Digital Currency Association, Unisys, Duane Moris and Blockchain Worx

March 8, 2018  09:00 AM

Blockchain Consumer Adoption Beyond Fintech

Blockchain empowers new business models that can rival the likes of Facebook and Google. Starting with such belief, Aaron McDonald, co-founder of Centrality has developed his concept around blockchain ecosystem and successfully garnered 60 million USD funding in 6 minutes for his project.

He will explain why blockchain is not only about bitcoin or cryptocurrency - identity, marketplace, digitized assets are just few among blockchain innovations that are driving consumer adoption.

  11:30 AM

Blockchain is transforming AML/KYC

On average a bank spends anywhere between 40 million to 300 million USD annually on due diligence and customer verification process. Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer procedures are essential elements of financial and legal transactions, but currently require an exorbitant amount of human and material resources to perform. Blockchain unleashes new solutions for a more affordable, one stop shop verification process and less on-boarding hassles for users.

Find out why with our experts from UK Digital Currency Association, Duane Morris law firm and Europe-based blockchain compliance platform Coinfirm.

  13:30 PM

Accelerator / Incubator for Blockchain

"It's pretty obvious why folks are skeptical – 140 lines of code for $140 million raised; that wouldn't happen in the traditional venture world" - quoted Foundation Capital partner. Blockchain investment has shot to the moon in 2017 with approximately 4 billion USD representing 30 fold growth.

New blockchain startups rely on the material and knowledge resources of incubator and accelerator programs to guide them towards viability. Find out what strategies make for a successful relationship for all parties involved with our experts from Kraken Japan, Intrepid Ventures, Centrality, London Stock Exchange and South Korea's leading accelerator HASHED.

  15:00 PM

Blockchain future of Vietnam: Forging Goals to Develop the Ecosystem

One of the highlight panels of Vietnam Blockchain Week this year - we are telling you why you should be here today, tomorrow and in the future! Vietnam with robust tech talents, one of the world's higest economic growth rates and geopolitical stability has long been perceived among premier ICT hubs. With blockchain, the country is now confronting huge potentials to take the lead and become the world' next hub. However challenges also amass such as the absence of regulatory framework and the infancy of blockchain development in the country.

We have united the brightest blockchain minds in the country to give you an in depth picture into blockchain landscape in Vietnam and WHY you should be here to stay! Bringing you the top blockchain startups from Vietnam and incubated by Vietnamese - TomoChain, OhmniLabs, KyberNetwork and ecosystem builders from VIISA/FPT Ventures and Blockfin Asia.


Nguyen Hung Nguyen
Adam Vaziri
CEO of QRC & Board Member
UK Digital Currency Association
Charles Hoskinson
CEO and Co-Founder,
Alex Medana
Board Member
Fintech Association Hongkong


A Hero for Mobile Banking

A Hero for
Mobile Banking

By eliminating the need to use an intermediary organization, blockchain increases the level of security for mobile banking. The more parties involved in a transaction, the higher the degree of risk for human error or corruption.

What is KYC

What is KYC?

Innovations in RegTech are increasing with newly emerging start-ups and leading technology providers. The most sophisticated global banks are making efforts to eliminate risk and be more customer-oriented as they work to adapt to an age of digital transformation.

Blockchain for supply chain

Blockchain for
supply chains

The blockchain offers unique solutions to numerous supply chain inferences. Because it stores all transaction information on a distributed ledger that cannot be altered and is fully transparent.

Blockchain security

Blockchain security:
Cold storage

Cryptocurrency’s meteoric rise using blockchain technology is making cold storage wallets a hot commodity. The higher its value goes, the more emphasis cryptocurrency users will place on security.


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    Private investments in blockchain companies has risen to a new high – topping $4.5 billion so far in 2017, according to PitchBook. Join CEO Aaron McDonald from Centrality, one of the most exciting blockchain studios in the world, for a discussion on how blockchain can be a great way to raise funds whether it’s through an crowndfunding or traditional venture capital efforts.
  • bài 2
    A blockchain network infrastructure will make it easier than before for consumers and businesses to transact beyond the traditional internet. The end product is a better, smarter way of making digital transactions and engaging in e-commerce. Join Katherine Ng, VP & Head of Marketing from QUOINE, the first licensed cryptocurrency/token on the Japan exchange, to learn how blockchain transforms marketplaces and exchanges.
  • bải 3
    Being Fintech-focused is not enough – experienced professionals are branching out to blockchain-focused entities, incubating and accelerating development and deployment of blockchain-based solutions across industries. Join Ayako Miyaguchi, Managing Director from Kraken Japan, one of the largest exchanges platforms in the world handling billions of dollars in crypto assets per month, for a discussion on accelerators and incubators for blockchain.


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