Blockchain will boom in Vietnam

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April 10, 2018 – The comment by leading experts on blockchain technology shared at the Vietnam Blockchain Week (VBW) event took place on 7/3 morning.

Charles Boshon, co-founder of Ethereum and Cardano, said the blockchain is entering the boom period like as the Internet in the 1990s. Blockchain technology can change the operating way of almost industries, such as finance, infrastructure, real estate, tourism, healthcare, education, etc. And cryptocurrency is just one thing in at least 700 possible applications of this technology.

Startup Fysical (USA) brings the platform about collect & provide location data to event. The platform is similar to a live map, showing the flow of people, moving vehicles, operating on a given survey area. Many companies about advertising, marketing, big data technology, artificial intelligence, intelligent city government, etc are potential customers of this startup. Meanwhile, Nami – startup based in Hanoi introduced the platform for instant trading applications for finance, foreign exchange, commodities … An exchange platform is scheduled to launch this year.

According to Nicole Nguyen, marketing director of Infinity Blockchain Labs, the organizer of the event, according to preliminary estimates of the company, Vietnam now has 20 startup about blockchain registered office in Vietnam. However, the actual number can be much higher. “There are many companies based in foreign countries and foreign enterprises in Vietnam. Besides that, there are blockchain projects that have not yet established the company but have potential huge potential.”

In the contest about finding the potential blockchain project, the Vietnam Blockathon held by this company last year, there were nearly 40 registered projects, mostly from Vietnam, in addition having projects in the region.

In the world, many of the blockchain application have been announced, including applications for real estate sales, stock ownership of art shares, hotel room rentals, booking appointments, etc. Technology and financial giants such as Microsoft, IBM, JPMorgan, etc are working on blockchain to provide new generation information platform.

Blockchain will boom in Vietnam

In addition to its wide applicability, the blockchain faces many questions regarding security and feasibility. Marcelo Garcia Casil, co-founder of the Maquenas blockchain exchange platform, said the challenge for startups is the misconception that blockchain is cryptocurrency. “When we present the project, product, marketing strategy, etc; the partners are very welcome, but when we talk about operating on a blockchain basis, they think we are involved in the cryptocurrency.” Casil shared.

One of the other challenges of this technology in Vietnam is the lack of legal. Vietnam has not yet recognized cryptocurrency and has yet to adopt a policy regarding new financial technology platforms. Experts said that this is a barrier that Vietnamese startups can not develop. Many foreign companies are also afraid to come to Vietnam to invest and operate because of this reason.

To support of the Vietnam blockchain startup community, at the event, the Blockchain Club of Vietnam was established. This is the place to connect blockchain businesses in Vietnam, train blockchain knowledge and promote policy development for financial technology.

Blockchain will boom in Vietnam

Vietnam Blockchain Week held by Infinity Blockchain Labs, held on March 7 and 8 in Ho Chi Minh City. The event provides a panoramic view of the blockchain, application and impact of the blockchain into the industrys.

Organizers say only 1,000 tickets have been sold since December 2017. By February, the company doubled the number of tickets but still did not enough to meet the demand, had to sell more at the opening session took place on the morning of March 7.

The event has the participation of “big” in the field of blockchain. Among them are Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Ethereum and Cardano, Loi Luu – 9X Vietnam calls capital successful of $ 52 million with cryptocurrency, etc. Hundreds of blockchain application startups and over 2,500 people interested in from the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, etc.

Blockchain is a system for storing, updating data continuously, instantaneously and without centralized database. Database fragmentation ensures the confidentiality of stored information, avoids the risk of hackers attacking or collapsing the system. All data on the blockchain is recorded accurately time, location, account participation and can not be changed in the future.

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