Nguyen Hoa Binh

Nguyen Hoa Binh

Nguyen Hoa Binh (M.S.) is Founder and Chairman for NextTech Group of Technopreneurs with 16+ years startup experience in Internet industry since 2001 when being an undergraduate student at Vietnam National University.

He is holding master degree of Urban Informatics from Osaka City University and more than 30 prestigious technology awards during academic life. Over the last decade, he has been pioneering into multiple new technology verticals including e-Commerce, e-Logistic and FinTech in Vietnam and South East Asia.

Prior to NextTech-group, he was an well-known young technology entrepreneur in Vietnam as the founder of PeaceSoft, one of Vietnam’s leaders in e-Commerce and e-Payment.

NextTech is now a multi-national group of companies pioneering in digitalization with presence in 6 South East Asia countries plus China and USA; processing 500+ million USD in transaction volume in 2017.

Under Mr.Binh’s leadership, NextTech is commonly referred to by local media as "Alibaba of Vietnam". Its portfolios have been in partnership or joining venture with world's prestigious partners and investors including SoftBank, eBay, IDG, MOLG, Life.Sreda, Haspro, GHL, ACTIS, SBI-FMO, Alibaba and Tencent etc.