Kimble Ngo

Kimble Ngo

Previously a Banker at UBS Investment Bank (Singapore), Kimble is an entrepreneur with multiple investments and business. Currently he is an ICO Advisor, at Gravitas Vietnam, helping companies launch their ICO / ITO in this legally complex and ambiguous environment. His partner includes a leading ICO Lawyer out of Singapore. 

The work includes advising on Tokenomics, how to avoid Securitization, and how to successfully launch an ICO in South East Asia.

Kimble is also the Partnership Director, at Kyanon Digital. Kyanon is an IT Staffing provider and produces Creative Technology services. Major clients includes Samsung, SuntoryPepsi, Nestle, and others.

Previously, Kimble was a Client Relationship Manager for financial institutions in UBS, a leading Swiss Investment and Private Bank.

On the side, Kimble is passionate about helping Executives improve their personal communication capabilities on stage, in the board room, or with their peers/team.

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