Genki Oda

Genki Oda

President - Bitpoint

・University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law Graduate

・the Future World Leaders Summit, Japan Representative (3rd term)
・Secretary General of NGO-terminal
・Representative of Social Venture Capital Association Limited Company
・Representative of Clock Builder’s Fund
・Founder of Social Venture Partners Tokyo Bay
・Director and the Head of President's Office of Food Discovery Company Ltd.
・General Manager of Vegetable Sommelier Association
・CFO of Tokuji Temple Automobile Culture Research Center Company
・Director of Business Strategy at Headquarter of STC Company Ltd.
・General Corporation of Ashoka Japan Alliance Partner
・Representative Director of Remix Point Company Ltd.
・Private partner of MEXT

In addition, serving as director, corporate auditor and partner of several companies.

・Started the business when studying at University of Tokyo. Gain huge support from a wide range of customers, mainly listed companies by build a network of entrepreneurs, NPO representatives and opinion leaders throughout the country for student marketing business.
The project is sold to start the investment and management support business. Also, participate in the launch of venture funds by McKinsey graduates.

・Venture support started since 2002, working on joint-in type support instead of hands-on support, marking a new phenomenon in Japanese venture capital.

・Work on domestic NPO support since 2003. Promotion of "self-sustaining social entrepreneurs" instead of "supporting NPOs", introduced the Japanese version of Social Venture Partners from oversea and brought in the establishment of Ashoka Japan. Also, nominated as Young Global Leaders at Davos Conference, enhancing the overseas recognition of Japanese social entrepreneurs.

・Work on business revitalization after the East Japan Earthquake. To prove that even failed once, you can restart and take up the challenge again by working on civil rehabilitation, bankrupted companies and reconfigure listed companies.

・Mission of his life is to make everyone know that "a person who works hard will be rewarded.” By being the role model, demonstrating the practise and educational activities to achieve the mission. Plan to startup an entrepreneurship support foundation to achieve this philosophy in the near future.