Vietnam‎ Organized the First-Ever Blockchain Summit



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March 30, 2018

Bitcoin CanadaVietnam Blockchain Week (VBW) brought ‎together experts from around the world to ‎share their exciting views and ‎applications for emerging technology. ‎

Blockchain research and development company Infinity Blockchain ‎Labs (IBL) organized the ‎event, which ran from March 7 through ‎March 8, 2018.

Vietnam‎ Organized the First-Ever Blockchain Summit

Vietnam as the ‎region’s king hub of distributed ledger technology

The global orientation of the blockchain industry makes the marquee event an excellent opportunity to establish Vietnam as the ‎region’s king hub of distributed ledger technology. The two-day conference marks an important moment for blockchain’s move to the ‎mainstream, with ‎‎1,500+ finance and technology professionals to attend talks, ‎panels and discussions. ‎

Several indicators suggest that the summit will be a tipping point for the ‎innovative technology ‎in Vietnam. The nation is already an ideal choice to host such a ‎intensive blockchain conference. ‎

Global investors have long been interested in investing in Vietnam because of the country’s ‎large and young population ‎along with rapid economic growth. In addition, Hanoi has its ‎own vision is to build on the rapid ‎economic resurgence, harness opportunities from disruptive ‎technologies to ‎innovate and make the community more competitive.‎

On the blockchain front, big businesses in the region are already starting to ‎move from ‎experimentation to piloting real world use cases – most of which are in industries within financial ‎services. ‎

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Time to set your agenda

‎Attendees will also enjoy an impressive speaker line-up including Nguyen Hung Nguyen from National Payment Corporation of Vietnam (NAPAS)‎, who brings more than 10 years of experience in the Card Payment industry. Mr. Altona Widjaja, VP of Fintech and Innovation arm of OCBC Group, will also join the event’s prominent keynote speakers.

As such, Vietnam Blockchain Week looms as one of the marquee events of the calendar ‎year. The conference was held ‎at the Riverside Palace, a 4-star Restaurant & Event Hall conveniently located by the river to secure easy reach of all major districts and attractions.

Vietnam‎ Organized the First-Ever Blockchain Summit

The two-day conference is full of panel discussions, seminars, and ‎other networking parties for all ‎attendees.

Spotlight on Topics

Billions of funding dollars have poured into blockchain companies in 2017, already crushing any previous expectations. ‎‎Touching on the seemingly restless hype of crypto-linked ‎investing will be Aaron McDonald, ‎CEO at Centrality, one of the most ‎exciting blockchain studios in the world.‎ The panel will delve into where this segment is headed, unveiling some new systems and solutions for attendees.

This monster transaction aside, Katherine Ng, VP & Head of Marketing from ‎QUOINE, the first ‎global cryptocurrency fintech company got license from Japan Financial Service Agency, will be ‎discussing how Blockchain could ‎upend a number of complex intermediate functions ‎in the industry.‎

The global financial system is rife with problems, adding cost through fees and delays, ‎creating ‎friction through redundant and onerous paperwork, and also opening up ‎opportunities for fraud ‎and crime. Katherine discussed how “a Blockchain network ‎infrastructure will make it easier ‎than before for consumers and businesses to transact ‎beyond the traditional Internet.” ‎

It’s an exciting time for blockchain, as ‎organisations ‎wake up to this potential and how it could innovate ‎applications outside the traditional industries box. There is no doubt we will hear more of ‎these examples in the months to come.‎

Vietnam Blockchain Week will undoubtedly help focus attention and advise businesses to ‎embrace fresh ‎ideas that can nudge them to unlock the value of blockchain.‎


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